Still using YouTube to learn drum covers?

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What is Drummer-Tube?

Improve your drumming skills immediately using our advanced system that actually works for you!

Stop wasting time on boring and ineffective practice

Learn to play your favorite songs
in a fast and easy method


Full song transcription



Unique Platform

Our unique platform makes learning new songs easier than ever before!
Each video lesson shows you how to play the entire song, note-for-note, in the most fun and easy to follow way.
Each song comes in two skill levels - Beginner and Advanced to always suit your level.
Only hear what you need with 3 different audio options: full version, drums only, and a drumless version.

Latest Added Songs


Weekly updates with new hits

Enough songs to keep you busy for years

Our team is always working on new songs to practice along to




What’s in it for you?


Prepare yourself to be a “working drummer”

Master different genres faster - become a more versitile and professional drummer!

Improve your reading skills

Memorizing songs is hard!
Our tests have shown a much quicker learning process when following the score and the video simultaneously.

Improve your

No more synthetic midi sounds. Play along to real music played by professional musicians.

Improve your time and accuracy

Our method makes following the chart and the music very easy, ensuring you always stay on the beat.

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