How It Works?

Choose your tempo

Easily slow down or speed up the tempo of the music. Adjusting the tempo to match your level, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

Loop the difficult parts

No need to rewind the video any more. With the loop functionality you can simply loop and practice any particular part, over and over again, until you master it.

Unique color system

Same colors in the score and the video will guide you through the song and make it very easy to follow.

Channel separation

Choose between: Full Version, Drums Only or Drumless Version. Drummer-Tube allows you to choose what you want to listen to. If you want to hear just the drums – choose Drums only, if you want to practice without hearing the drums – choose the Drumless version.

Beginner or Advanced mode

Each song is performed in two skill levels - Beginner/Advanced. Simply choose the level that fits your ability. The option to choose between those versions ensures that anyone can enjoy playing any song.

Auto scrolling sheet music

Drummer-Tube interactive sheet music scrolls automatically on your screen in time with the music.

Print your scores

All scores are available for downloading and printing as pdf files so that you can take them to your gig or rehearsal.

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